5 Minute Typing Speed Test

Do you want to know your typing speed? Get outcomes quickly! Take a free 5-minute typing test to gauge your speed, and then share your words per minute (WPM) result.


About 5-Minute Typing Test

Welcome to the online typing test. If you are a beginner typing, you are at the right place for practicing; it never charges you for anything. It is the best platform for English typing tests, and we have more than 10k unique words in the database. Do not hesitate to take multiple tests, and all are free here!

You should follow the below steps before starting typing test:

  1. Use a keyboard that has a separate ten-key set.
  2. Use a touch typing method from start to become pro at the end.
  3. Practice minimum 1 hour a day.
  4. Focus on accuracy, not on speed, and speed will improve after repetitive practices.